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       Prefabricated building industrial park of upstream and downstream industry chain: research and development design, production, online transaction and comprehensive service platform, modern logistics and warehousing, finance, property management services for the whole chain integration, all relevant enterprises to form market community, improve the competition ability, strive to achieve the following goals;

   1, build prefabricated building research and development, production demonstration base. Set up a market-oriented, with enterprises as the main body of industry research and development system. Establish and improve the modular production and assembly of standardized design, construction, prefabricated decoration, information management system, intelligent application products.

   2, the construction of public technology service and intermediary service platform. Around the universal demand of technological innovation, and build a perfect investment and financing, production-study-research cooperation and achievements transformation of science and technology, information sharing, policy advice, market promotion, intellectual property rights, talent training, comprehensive public service platform, such as the function is all ready..

    3、The investment and financing service platform construction of innovation of science and technology park. To set up the innovation of science and technology industrial investment funds, enterprise development guarantee fund, investment risk compensation fund, in the solution to the problem of corporate finance at the same time, help enterprises to improve the governance structure and management level, really teach them to fish.







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