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        Construction industry is the important pillar industry of national economy, an important force to drive the rapid growth of national economy. But construction as energy-intensive industries and increasingly changes of the environment, resources and customer stock continued yearning for high product quality, and the life ideal conflicts, the development of the construction industry to maintain good health, must adhere to research and development design first, and need to be more scientific and reasonable.
        The buildings as a senior enterprise, has been the research and development design as the driving force of enterprise development, adhere to the people-oriented design, strive to design realize harmony of human, environment and resources, in the security design, green design, ecological design innovation on the way.
        Continuously to maintain the enterprise technology advantage, shandong who has been with the shandong construction university, shandong institute of person of outstanding ability, set up the prefabricated construction research institute of jinan university, give full play to the technical advantages of both sides between colleges, scientific research advantage, strive to achieve theoretical innovation, technology innovation, technology method, to form a patent technology and is widely applied in field construction, improve enterprise prefabricated construction technology level.
        Shandong who will uphold the "constructing Chinese craftsmen spirit, create first-class smart enterprise" principle, constant development, self-motivated.


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