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   Shandong ii and uphold based in shandong, enjoys a good reputation, to the world the development strategy, actively layout of domestic and foreign market. Domestic business areas in shandong, Beijing, tianjin, shaanxi, ningxia, shanxi, Inner Mongolia, heilongjiang, yunnan and other provinces and cities. Has explored a set of more mature prefabricated building industrial park business model and in the shandong taian, yantai into practice, the future will be according to the requirements of the industry layout in rizhao, Qingdao, male Ann district, Ming, chengdu and other places to reproduce.

   Since 2009, the company focus on the international market layout, successively with a number of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Australia, Vietnam signed business orders. In addition, working with Fiji, Burma, Africa, countries such as Congo, Tanzania, kazakhstan business undertake extensive contact, park construction. As "area" national strategy of continually push all the way, we are confident with the Chinese enterprise's strength and confidence to the world, all-round development of the new pattern implementation to point with surface.

Industrial park layout, market development

1、Early for industrial park in yantai, taian existing park pilot area, park construction.

2、To improve both the regional layout, include the laiyang, hebei industrial park construction, kunming, chengdu, ealizing a complete coverage of the market in the province, domestic complete coverage of key areas, and steadily move the international market.

3、Leverage existing international good relations of cooperation, with the aid of the area along the "national strategic drive, expand the business and make the international market, include the implementation of five international industrial park project (kazakhstan, myanmar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania) fall to the ground.



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